In the realm of Codex Esoterica, the legacy of the mystery schools lives on, continuing the ancient tradition of exclusive esoteric education and guiding seekers towards the profound wisdom that lies beyond the veil – A vessel for the embodiment of the timeless journey of enlightenment inviting those who are ready to embrace the profound remembrance that awaits within its mysterious embrace.

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Welcome to the realm of Codex Esoterica!

I'm Aleisha...

• Esoteric + Traditional Astrologer   

• Akashic Record Reader (IICT Accredited)

• Light language conduit/healer

• Meditation Teacher (CPD/IMMA Accredited)

• Mindset / NLP coach (IICT Accredited)

• Reiki Master/Teacher (IICT Accredited)

Codex Esoterica is a realm of specialised knowledge, teachings, and practices that delve into the mysteries of purpose and existence–a space that encompasses various esoteric disciplines. After developing and strengthening my knowledge and spiritual + energetic tool belt for the last decade, my purpose is to offer a pathway for those seeking to explore the depths of human understanding, connect with higher realms of consciousness, and unlock hidden wisdom that can enrich your life and broaden your perspectives, understanding and remembrance of SELF.

I look forward to supporting you collaborating with you on your journey!