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Ancient Earth Lineages – Past Life Study

Ancient Earth Lineages – Past Life Study

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Melting the wisdom of the Akashic Records + Astrology together, I pin point your past lives encoded into your Natal Birth Chart and discuss how you can work with this energy not just in your spiritual practices but life in general!

I open up you Akashic Records during this reading to allow more information and confirmation to come through + any other information that they wish to support you with within this topic.

  • I will uncover connections to Ancient Civilisations + Past lives on Earth + also break down for you how these relationships might be impacting your current life experience and journey.
  • This reading may/may not include any residual karmic energy, hidden gifts or talents, ways to connect or clear blocks in your lineage, & more – I leave this open during the reading for what needs to come through to support you in these connections and relationships.

Note: This reading is different from my Full Length Akashic Readings as you will receive information on your Past Lives + Ancestry– any other life/spiritual information that comes through outside of this subject will be shared at my discretion. 

Please note that all sessions will be completed by the 24th of December. Allow a maximum of 4 weeks for completion. Kindly refrain from booking if you require a guaranteed specific date, as I work based on energy and alignment, and cannot promise exact delivery dates within this period, though I assure completion within the stated timeframe.

Important: You will be emailed a questionnaire after booking, please fill this out ASAP!
Full date of birth (day/month/year)
• Place of birth (city)
Time of birth (please use 24hr time so I know if you were born in the AM or PM)

Without these details I am unable to complete the session.

This reading is recorded & emailed so that you will have the ability to reflect + integrate the information over time.

• If you want to be notified when the email/session is sent through, simply add my email address ( to your email contact list and you should be notified when it lands – If not-please be sure to check your junk and spam folder!

By booking this reading, you give me permission to access your Akashic Records, Analyse your Natal Birth Chart, read your frequency & connect to your lineage. 
By booking this service you understand that there are no refunds and no rescheduling of times.

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