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Focused Chart Session

Focused Chart Session

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A dedicated 15-30 minute exploration tailored to unravel the mysteries of your personal astrological chart in relation to a specific question or aspect of your life. Whether you're seeking clarity on a relationship dynamic, career direction, or a personal challenge, this session is designed to illuminate the cosmic influences at play.

Please Note: This session will cater to number and nature of questions specified in the booking you choose and surrounding your chart only. This is NOT a full chart reading. This reading is NOT for educational or mentoring purposes, if you are wanting to broaden your own astrological knowledge please Book my 'Astral Insights Session - Birth Chart Q&A' session (coming soon..) instead.

How it works:

Submit Your Query: Share your burning question or the area of life you're seeking insight into - Please leave this question in the NOTES section of your order before checking out + also include your TIME (24hr) + DATE of birth + birth city (if these details aren't included it may result in cancellation of booking). 

Chart Analysis: Utilising the intricate details of your natal chart, I'll delve into the astrological aspects and transits that shed light on your query.

Personalised Insight: Receive a detailed analysis that connects the cosmic dots, offering you a clearer understanding of the situation at hand and potential pathways forward. I also utilise psychic insights as well as astrological.

Booking Information:

  • This is a recorded reading.
  • Anticipate a 2-4 week turnaround.
  • Accuracy is crucial: please double-check your email address when booking to ensure seamless communication.
  • Please add contact@codexesoterica to your email contacts to ensure you receive a notification when your reading is ready. I cannot be held responsible for emails that end up in your spam or junk folder, so taking this step helps ensure you won't miss your reading.

This unique, pre-recorded session offers you the flexibility to engage with deep astrological insights on your terms. You don't need to be present for a live session, giving you the freedom to access and revisit these personalised insights whenever and wherever you choose.

[Price reflective of session + follow up email support.]

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