Unveiling Lions Gate– An Ancient Mystery School Deep Dive

Unveiling Lions Gate– An Ancient Mystery School Deep Dive

In the realm of esoteric wisdom and ancient teachings, the Lion's Gate Portal stands as a beacon of enlightenment and ascension. However, as with many timeless truths, its essence has been shrouded in misconceptions and appropriated misunderstanding over time—Lions Gate is always a huge topic within the spiritual community every year at the beginning of August, I’ve stayed relatively quiet previously about the hype as I personally wanted to build my own research and understanding over time as one of my passions is just that — ancient esoteric research. 


Through my lens, I endeavour to delve deeper, to unearth the ancient roots of this alignment – moving beyond surface interpretations and misunderstandings.

Before delving into this blog post, I feel compelled to share a heartfelt note. The insights presented here are expressed from my personal journey through years of research and immersion in esoteric teachings. They represent my own understanding, my unique lens into the vast expanse of collective wisdom. This is by no means an assertion of the only truth–rather, it's a refraction of one facet of it.

It's essential to clarify that the intention behind sharing this perspective isn't to shame or discredit anyone's beliefs. Instead, I hope to inspire a broader awareness, a more embodied understanding, and to challenge the constraints of rigid thought patterns. In an age where 'current trends' can easily overshadow time-honoured wisdom, my intention here is to light the path for those willing to journey beyond the surface.

So with that, lets begin this mystery school deep dive...


In the age of instant information and the rapid dissemination of ideas, the true essence of ancient wisdoms can often become diluted, repackaged, and sometimes misconstrued. Such is the case with the Lion's Gate Portal in contemporary pop culture and new age spirituality.

To many in the mainstream, the Lion's Gate Portal is often introduced as a powerful astrological event, marked by a surge of energy that promises heightened intuition, transformative breakthroughs, and a time of cosmic blessings. On social media platforms, many speak of harnessing its energy through rituals, meditation, and certain events.

There’s a widespread notion that this event is a ‘Universal upgrade', where we can manifest our desires with heightened intensity. Many speak on leveraging the portal's energy to attract wealth, love, and success.

While some elements of these interpretations may hold grains of truth, they often overshadow the deeper, ancient roots and significance of the Lion's Gate. Without a nuanced understanding, the profound wisdom behind this event risks becoming another fleeting momentary hype, its significance reduced to yet another “trend” to jump on.

So what is Lions gate?

It actually refers to the heliacal rising of Sirius!

Sirius is also known as the “Dog Star”, and its heliacal rising is a celestial phenomenon that carried deep reverence for the ancient Egyptians (and it goes back further than we realise! Keep reading!)

The Heliacal Rising of Sirius

This event refers to the annual first appearance of the star Sirius in the dawn sky just before sunrise, after a period of invisibility due to its proximity to the sun. This event typically occurs in late July or early August and is closely aligned with the beginning of the Nile's annual flooding.

A symbol of new beginnings

The heliacal rising of Sirius coincided with the inundation of the Nile River, a natural phenomenon that brought fertility to the land. This annual flooding replenished the soil, making it rich and fertile for cultivation, symbolising rebirth and renewal. A new beginning after a period of challenge and hardship.

Connection with the Divine

Sirius was closely associated with the goddess Isis, one of the most revered deities in ancient Egyptian culture. The star's appearance was considered a manifestation of her divine essence, and its rising was celebrated with rituals and offerings.

Astronomical Calendar

The Egyptians used the heliacal rising of Sirius to mark the beginning of their New Year. A time of new beginning. Its predictable appearance allowed them to create a remarkably accurate solar calendar, aligning their agricultural and spiritual activities with the cosmic cycle.

Guidance and Wisdom

The star's brilliance and unique position in the sky made it a beacon for navigation and a symbol of spiritual guidance. Its rising was seen as an invitation to align with cosmic wisdom and to be in harmony with the natural order of the universe.

What about the numerology aspect?

Numerology, with its own rich history and significance, has no direct connection to the astral alignment associated with the Lion's Gate. By weaving it into this event, we not only dilute the integrity of both traditions but also perpetuate a skewed understanding. The association with numerology and Lions Gate seems to be a modern addition by new age spiritualists, perhaps intended to add excitement or a novel dimension. The acknowledgment of the heliacal rising of Sirius occurred long before the establishment of the Gregorian calendar, rendering this connection incongruous and unrelated to the deeply rooted traditions of this alignment. The astrological timing was never fixed on the exact same day, but rather, a close window of time. 



Now, we are about to really deep dive now – hold on!

There’s research and many studies that have been done (by researchers that have now been coincidently cancelled and silenced) that point towards the demise and flooding of the Ancient Civilisation of Atlantis and that it coincided with the Younger Dryas period. This adds another layer of complexity and intrigue to the understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and early timeline of the ancient Egyptians. Around 12,800 years ago, a comet struck Earth, leading to catastrophic global effects such as devastating cold, darkness, and floods. This event marked the beginning of the geological epoch known as the Younger Dryas, and interestingly, it occurred during the astrological Age of Leo.

Some propose that the Atlanteans, heavily connected to and seeded by the Sirians, played a role in the founding of ancient Egypt after the fall of Atlantis. This connection may provide a deeper explanation for the Egyptians' annual homage to the flooding of the Nile during the heliacal rising of Sirius. This event could potentially symbolise not just a celebration of the Nile's life-giving properties but also a remembrance of the cataclysmic floods and the transformative period that followed.
It could also potentially be a time of acknowledging and connecting with ancestors? After all it marked the beginning of a new Golden Age. 


“The Sirians played a monumental role in seeding both Atlantis and Lemuria. Their impact was so profound that the wisdom they imparted laid the foundation for what would eventually become the grand civilisation of ancient Egypt. To view the Lion's Gate Portal without acknowledging the Sirian connection and their ties to these ancient lands is to miss a pivotal chapter in its story.”

For so long, I’ve been matching the timelines, looking over the connections and how things have played out over time and I genuinely feel as though none of this is just coincidence? Instead, it may tell an important story!

The interplay between these events — the Age of Leo, the Younger Dryas, the fall of Atlantis, and the rising of Sirius — forms a complex map that may shed light on the origins and spiritual beliefs of ancient Egypt. These connections could also hint at a profound cosmic and terrestrial alignment that has shaped human history and consciousness.

Is it all a mere coincidence, or does it reveal a hidden wisdom encoded in these chapters of time? The exploration of these threads offers a rich and multifaceted understanding that invites reflection and contemplation.

Ultimately, the interpretation rests upon you – the reader, guided by your own intuition and insight. I’m just serving to provoke thought and deeper thinking.



At the core of this exploration, I invite you to recognise a profound truth: YOU are the portal. YOU are the alchemist. YOU hold within yourself all the energy needed to create and manifest your desires. A portal is a doorway to creation, and YOU are that doorway. The ignition to the power of creation resides within you, not in external events or alignments.

This realisation invites us all to reflect on our own capacity to connect, create, and transform. It calls us to awaken to our inner strength, to embrace the knowledge that we are the architects of our own reality, and to step into the boundless possibilities that await us when we acknowledge our true nature.


Unless you have strong ties to Kemetic culture, ancient Egypt, Atlantis, or related traditions, there may be little reason to hijack this day or its reverence for your own spiritual advancement. Recognise that you possess the innate ability to funnel your energy into creating and manifesting anything you desire, on any day you choose. The true power lies within you, not in specific dates or rituals.


In the pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment, may we embrace authenticity, reverence, and self-empowerment. My purest intention is that we can recognise that the true portal to creation resides within us, and that our connection to ancient wisdom is not bound by dates or superficial trends.

By honouring the legacies of the past and respecting the knowledge they hold, we can create a path to a future enriched by understanding, compassion, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Till the next constellation aligns,
Aleisha xx
[Disclaimer: The ideas and viewpoints expressed in this blog are solely the reflections of the author's understanding and beliefs. They do not carry scientific endorsement. The purpose of this writing is to delve into alternative perspectives on history and to stimulate thoughtful consideration of these subjects.]
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