Venus, the planet symbolising love and harmony, shifts into retrograde within the influence of Leo. This unique planetary alignment will have us reassessing our relationships and questioning our own sense of self-worth and entitlement.



During this time, you might notice people from your past making a reappearance. Take it in stride–they're not looking to stir the pot but merely seeking recognition. It's a challenging time where patience could be spread thin, making us prone to misunderstanding harmless intentions.

You might feel a sudden urge to cut off relationships that seem hollow or meaningless. But remember, in this period, hasty decisions won't lead to quick forgiveness. Our egos are stronger now, making it easy to let pride overshadow love.

On a brighter note, those who've had a dry spell in their love life might see a revival of passion. But those in steady relationships should be wary of flaring tempers. With the Leo spice, the fires within us are harder to put out.

In the midst of it all, Venus Retrograde is turning up the societal heat to don that unique badge. But here's the tea: You are not a carbon copy, and this isn't a competition. So, let's not fall down the rabbit hole of imitation or let others' opinions cloud our sparkle.

So, here's a wild thought. Why not shake things up and channel that fiery energy into what sets your soul alight? Show up in the world as nothing less than your genuine, unabashed self. Why blend in when you were designed to break the mould?

As we navigate through this transit for the next 40 days, let's do more than survive; let's thrive. Stand tall, put on that dazzling cloak of individuality and let it radiate like never before. Because, darklings, your uniqueness isn't just your secret weapon – it's your crown jewel. Wear it with pride and stop trying to be like everyone else.


Personalised guidance based on your RISING SIGN (ascendant)


Aries Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 5th House:

With Venus Retrograde in your 5th house, the focus is on self-expression, creativity, romance, and fun.
Creativity and Self-Expression: Reflect on how you express yourself. Are you being authentic, or are you wearing a mask to please others? This is a time to allow your true self to shine.
Romance: Assess your romantic relationships. Are they bringing joy to your life, or are they causing unnecessary stress? It might be time to reevaluate what you want from a partner.
Fun and Recreation: Reflect on what brings you joy and happiness. Are you taking out enough time for fun and recreation? Balance is key, and all work and no play can lead to burnout.
Love Yourself: This is an excellent time to practice self-love and self-appreciation. Remember, you are wonderful just as you are.

Taurus Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 4th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 4th house highlights issues around home, family, and emotional foundations.
Home Life: Reflect on your home life. Are you comfortable in your space, or are there changes you'd like to make?
Family Relationships: It might be time to confront any longstanding family issues. Healing starts with honest, open conversations.
Emotional Security: Assess your emotional foundations. Are they stable and secure, or are there insecurities that need addressing?
Nurture Yourself: Use this time to nurture yourself. Engage in activities that make you feel safe, secure, and loved.

Gemini Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 3rd House:

Venus Retrograde in your 3rd house emphasises communication, learning, and local community.
Communication: Reflect on your communication style. Are you effectively expressing your thoughts and feelings, or are there areas for improvement?
Learning: This might be a time to reassess your learning goals. Is there a subject or skill you've been wanting to explore further?
Community: Reflect on your role within your local community. Are you contributing positively, or are there ways you can get more involved?
Self-Love: Practice self-appreciation. Celebrate your achievements, big or small, and show yourself some love.

Cancer Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 2nd House:

Venus Retrograde in your 2nd house emphasises your values, personal resources, and self-esteem.
Personal Values: Reflect on your core values. Do your actions align with what you truly believe in?
Personal Resources: Assess your resources. Are you managing your finances wisely? You might need to revisit your budget or financial planning.
Self-Esteem: This is a time to focus on self-esteem. Nurture a positive self-image, and remember, you are enough just as you are.
Self-Love: Embrace self-love. Cherish your achievements and forgive your shortcomings. Treat yourself kindly, and others will follow suit.

Leo Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 1st House:

Venus Retrograde in your 1st house emphasises self-identity, appearance, and personal desires.
Self-Identity: Reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Are they in sync or is there a gap that needs bridging?
Appearance: Assess how you present yourself to the world. Does your outer appearance align with your inner identity?
Personal Desires: Reevaluate your personal desires. Are you working towards fulfilling them, or have you lost track?
Self-Love: Love yourself unconditionally. This is the time to appreciate and love yourself for who you are and who you are becoming.

Virgo Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 12th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 12th house emphasises the subconscious, dreams, and solitude.
Subconscious: Spend time exploring your subconscious. Meditation or journaling could provide insightful revelations.
Dreams: Reflect on your dreams. Are they trying to tell you something about your waking life?
Solitude: This is a period to embrace solitude. It is in quiet moments that we can truly hear ourselves.
Self-Love: Nurture self-love. You deserve the same love and compassion you so freely give to others.

Libra Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 11th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 11th house focuses on your friendships, group associations, and aspirations.
Friendships: Reflect on your friendships. Are they supportive, reciprocal, and rewarding? It might be time to reassess the people you surround yourself with.
Group Associations: Evaluate your role in groups. Are you contributing positively and receiving value in return?
Aspirations: Revisit your aspirations. Are they still relevant, or do they need adjusting to better match your current path?
Self-Love: Practice self-love and appreciation. Remember, you are worthy of achieving your aspirations.

Scorpio Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 10th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 10th house places emphasis on your career, public image, and long-term goals.
Career: Reflect on your career trajectory. Are you satisfied with your current path, or is it time to consider a new direction?
Public Image: Assess your public image. Does it align with your true identity, or are there adjustments you need to make?
Long-Term Goals: Reassess your long-term goals. Are they still relevant, or do they need updating?
Self-Love: Cultivate self-love. Appreciate your achievements, and don't let any setbacks define you.

Sagittarius Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 9th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 9th house emphasises travel, higher learning, and personal beliefs.
Travel: Reflect on your past travels. What have you learned from these experiences, and where would you like to explore next?
Higher Learning: Assess your educational aspirations. Are there new skills or knowledge areas you'd like to delve into?
Personal Beliefs: Reevaluate your beliefs. Do they still resonate with you, or have recent experiences changed your perspective?
Self-Love: Practice self-love. Celebrate your continuous growth and remember that learning is a lifelong journey.

For Capricorn Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 8th House:

Venus's retrograde dance in your 8th house highlights transformation and intimacy. This is a time of profound personal reassessment, where issues related to shared resources, deep emotional bonds, and personal change come to the forefront.
Dig Deep: Don't shy away from introspection and deep self-analysis during this time. This transit is encouraging you to dig beneath the surface and confront what lies beneath. Whether it's an outdated behaviour pattern or an issue from the past, now is the time to confront and heal.
Reevaluate Shared Resources: Take a hard look at any joint financial or physical resources you share with others. Are these arrangements balanced and fair? If not, consider making some changes, but be wary of making impulsive decisions.
Cultivate Emotional Bonds: Reflect on your closest relationships. Are there hidden issues or feelings that need to be brought to light? Open, honest conversations can help improve understanding and intimacy.
Transform through Self-Love: This is a great time to focus on self-care and love. Allow this retrograde period to be a transformative time for your personal growth. Don't shy away from facing the mirror and embracing your authentic self.

Aquarius Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 7th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 7th house emphasises your personal and business relationships.
Reflect on Relationships: This is a time to reassess your personal and professional relationships. Are they balanced and mutually beneficial? You might need to redefine boundaries or revisit expectations.
Communication is Key: Be open in your communications. Misunderstandings can be minimised by expressing your thoughts and feelings honestly, but tactfully.
Patience: Try to be patient with your partners. Remember, everyone is feeling the effects of Venus Retrograde, so tempers may flare.
Self-Love: Use this time to cultivate self-love. It's only when you truly value yourself that you can expect others to do the same.

Pisces Rising - Venus Retrograde in the 6th House:

Venus Retrograde in your 6th house emphasises your health and daily routines.
Health Check: It's a good time to focus on your physical health. Reassess your diet and exercise habits. Maybe it's time for a check-up.
Work-Life Balance: Reflect on your daily routines. Are you balancing work and play? You might need to establish healthier habits.
Relationship with Co-workers: Reflect on your relationships with co-workers. Is there harmony in the workplace? You may need to address any issues that have been swept under the rug.
Self-care: Prioritise self-care during this period. You can't pour from an empty cup, so ensure you're taking care of yourself first.


Till the next constellation aligns, 
Aleisha xx

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