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Codex Esoterica

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

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Step into the realm of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment with Codex Esoterica's exclusive Gift Vouchers. Perfect for anyone on a journey of inner exploration, these vouchers offer a unique opportunity to delve into the profound mysteries of one's existence. The $170 price point will cover a full flagship session (listed below) unlocking the door to a transformative experience of your choice: an Akashic Records Session, a Past Life Study Session, or a Star Ancestry Session.

Akashic Records Session: This session offers a deep dive into the Akashic Records, the cosmic library of every soul's journey. It's an opportunity to gain insights into your life's purpose, understand your relationships, and receive guidance on your spiritual path.

Past Life Study Session: Explore the realms of your past incarnations. This session helps in uncovering past life experiences, understanding karmic patterns, and healing old wounds that influence your present life.

Star Ancestry Session: For those drawn to the stars, this session connects you with your cosmic lineage. Discover your star origins, understand your celestial connections, and explore how your star ancestry influences your current life journey.

OR you may choose another denomination and the recipient may use the value towards an offering of their choice.

How It Works:

    1. Purchase the Voucher: Select and purchase a gift voucher on the website.
    2. Gift with Intention: You will receive a beautifully designed digital voucher, ready to be gifted to someone special. I’ve designed two versions to feel free to print your preferred design. 
    3. NOTE: If you would like to print your voucher please download the digital files attached after checking out and be sure to fill out the voucher code on the voucher before gifting it! Otherwise you will just receive an email with the code.
    4. Redeem and Book: The recipient can easily redeem their voucher on my website and book the session of their choice at their convenience.
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