How do I care for my bottle?

Do not freeze, microwave or place boiling liquid inside the bottle.
Please clean your bottle thoroughly prior to use. Outer glass bottle is dishwasher safe, we recommend you wash your crystal base + screw top lid components of your bottle by hand. Avoid dropping or high impact.

What is a crystal infused water?

Crystal infused water is created when a crystal is added to water to charge it’s energy. 

Crystal healing has been used throughout various cultures for thousands of years.

Crystals purify and charge our water. It’s scientifically proven that water stores memory, the water absorbs the energetic vibrations of the crystal, stores it, and then changes energetic structure. Many people say, aside from the emotional, spiritual and energetic difference crystal infused water has— it also tastes smoother and sweeter!


Can I use any crystal I want in water?

 Short answer , no.

Every crystal has a different structure and some even contain heavy metals and toxins. Some crystals are porous and can take on water and absorb + distribute toxins if they are submerged in water.

It’s important to do your research before using your own crystals for crystal water infusion.
Here at Lunar Alchemy we’ve done the research for you and only supply crystals that are 100% safe and non toxic to humans.


What is a Lunar Alchemy bottle made from?

Our bottles are made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass and food safe stainless steel.
All of our crystals are fairly-traded, conflict free naturally sourced!

Why doesn’t my crystal look exactly the same as the picture on the website?

As our crystals are naturally sourced, size and colour will be unique to each crystal.
While they’ll still be similar, they will also be beautifully unique in their own way. Much like us!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide!

How much will shipping cost on other international orders?

International shipping is rated by weight. Postage will depend on weight and country shipped to, it will be calculated at checkout.

Anything else?
Feel free to email us or contact us via our socials!