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Astrology Weather Report – Transit Chart Session

Astrology Weather Report – Transit Chart Session

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Transit period

Discover the cosmic influences shaping your life right now with a personalised Astrology Transit Chart Reading. This service offers a deep dive into the current planetary transits and how they're interacting with your unique astrological blueprint.

In these sessions, we don't just look at the general astrological forecast. I tailor the insights specifically to you, examining how the current celestial movements are resonating with your natal chart. This personalised approach allows us to uncover the unique opportunities and challenges that the universe is presenting to you at this very moment.

Whether you're facing a period of transformation, growth, or introspection, my Astrology Weather Report – Transit Chart Session can provide valuable guidance. These sessions are designed to be booked whenever you would like updated chart transit insights to guide you.

I'll help you understand:

  • The key themes and lessons that the current transits are bringing up for you.
  • How these transits are influencing your emotions, relationships, career, and personal growth.
  • The potential challenges that might arise and how to navigate them.
  • The opportunities for growth and transformation that the universe is offering you.

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to navigate your life with greater ease and confidence. By understanding the cosmic forces at play, you can align yourself with the rhythms of the universe and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
This chart session will analyse the current transits in your chart and the next month ahead for you!
If you would like a larger scope (3 months +) please book in for the extended session available as an option.


IMPORTANT:You will be emailed a questionnaire after booking, please fill this out ASAP.
Full date of birth (day/month/year)
• Place of birth (city)
Time of birth (please use 24hr time so I know if you were born in the AM or PM)
Without these details I am unable to complete the session.
This reading is recorded & emailed so that you will have the ability to reflect + refer back to the information over the course of the transit times that are looked at.
Upon purchasing this session, please allow a maximum of 14 days for delivery of your recorded reading.
*Please check spam/junk folder as they always seem to end up here!*
By booking this service you understand that there are no refunds and no rescheduling of times.
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