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Lunar Alchemy

Akashic Records + Natal Chart – Guidance Session

Akashic Records + Natal Chart – Guidance Session

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This session merges the sacred wisdom of the Akashic Records and the celestial roadmap of your natal birth chart. 

Upon booking you will be emailed a form to fill out regarding what information and particular topic you would like to explore to guide you in your current circumstances–please fill this out! If forms aren't completed or not sent through before the allocated booking time, I cannot complete this session.

I will then weave together the threads of the Akashic Records, the 8th dimensional library of your soul’s infinite wisdom, and the intricate tapestry of your birth chart, a celestial imprint of your unique cosmic makeup. 

Here we can then unlock and decode the gateways to profound insights and guidance, tailored specifically to your desires, questions, and areas of life you wish to explore.

I will explore a specific style of natal birth chart depending on the topics or questions you wish to explore. Whether it's the tropical chart that reveals your foundational energies, the current transits impacting your chart, the draconic chart that unravels the karmic ties of your soul, or the progressed chart that unveils the ever-evolving tapestry of your life's path, we have an array of tools at our disposal to navigate the celestial realms with precision and depth.

This offering is designed to act as a beacon of support and guidance for those seeking to tap into the current state of their soul's blueprint. 

You will gain clarity, direction, and profound understanding of your present situation. 

- This reading is recorded & emailed so that you will have the ability to reflect + integrate the information over time.
- By booking this reading, you give me permission to access your Akashic Records, Analyse your Natal Birth Chart, read your frequency & connect to your lineage. By booking this service you understand that there are no refunds and no rescheduling of times.
*Please check spam/junk folder as they always seem to end up here!*

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